Studio Spotlight: Fabric Audio Studios, Athens, Greece

Audio Pro International’s latest Studio Spotlight feature, produced in association with AllStudios, moves to Athens, Greece, to take a look at Fabric Audio Studios…

Built in 2008 in a four-storey building owned by Nikolas and Jordan Pamouktsoglou, Fabric Audio is a professional recording, tracking, mixing and rehearsal facility located in Athens, Greece. Studio owner / acoustic engineer Nikolas Pamouktsoglou, who also helped design the studio, gave AllStudios an insight into how the studio operates and what the vision is for the future. He explained, "Quality and reliability were the key factors in choosing the studio’s equipment. We offer a selection of valve guitar and bass amps, a classical piano, two drum kits (rehearsal and recording) as well as a handful of modern and vintage keyboards (Nord, Crumar, Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer 200) so that musicians can keep busy in our spacious (55 sq m) live room with variable acoustics.

"All this activity is then monitored in our large (44 sq m) fine-tuned control room via Klein & Hummel O 300 monitors and Avantone Mixcubes before being recorded through an award-winning Euphonix Artist console. We provide a great choice of microphones, mic preamps, Symphony system (Apple Mac Pro, Apogee AD/DA 16X’s) and Euphonix controllers, together with a mixture of outboard EQs and compressors by API, Focusrite, Tonelux, TFPro, Earthworks and JDK Audio. Clients are welcome to use one of our experienced in-house engineers or can choose to bring their own engineer with them."

Nikolas also went on to say: "We’ve also taken time to go and see bands performing live, many of whom have asked our opinion regarding their performance and equipment. Most of our regular rehearsal clients take advantage of our free-of-charge rehearsal recording service which uses a Zoom H1 portable recorder to help them keep track of their progress. A large number of these bands then go on to record at Fabric Audio. We appreciate their trust and do our best to offer them the best experience possible."

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