The Black Keys favour Sennheiser

Ohio garage rock duo The Black Keys are currently in the midst of their Turn Blue worldwide tour, complete with a full panoply of Sennheiser microphones specified by their long-time FOH engineer Jason M. Tarulli and fully endorsed by monitor engineer Rob Elliot.

The Black Keys’ production manager Anthony Pitcher is a long time Sennheiser friend and was instrumental in cementing the relationship with Tarulli and Elliot.

For the drums, Tarulli explained that as Neumann microphones had been used for making the records, the idea was to carry some of them over for the live drum sound in conjunction with Sennheiser equipment. He opted for an e 901 and e 902 for the kick drum. He went for an MD 441 on the snare and a Neumann KM 184 on the hi-hat. He also went for KM 184s as overhead mics.

For the rest of the kit, Tarulli decided on an MD 441 for the cowbell. His final choice regarding the drum kit was an e 904 for the tom-toms.

Last but not least, Tarulli decided on e 945s for both the tambourine and main vocals.

Patrick Carney of The Black Keys relies on Sennheiser and Neumann microphones for his drum kit

(Photo credit for all images: Chris Isaac)