The Naked and Famous pick Telefunken

New Zealand-based alternative rock band The Naked and Famous are touring the world with their Telefunken M81 dynamic microphones. Following their performance at the Coachella Festival in April, the band tours Australia before returning to the States in May and June.

“We discovered the Telefunken M81 while rehearsing at Bedrock Studios in LA,” recalled Aaron Short, who plays keyboards in the band. “The big challenge on stage is getting the right rejection from the mic. We’re very loud onstage and the vocals can be very dynamic and then suddenly quiet. We needed to find one microphone that could be sensitive and clear, but at the same time still have very strong feedback rejection.

“When we got the Telefunken mics we A-Bd them with our touring mics and there was just an elemental difference. The top end especially opened up, almost like a condenser microphone. After rehearsing a bit we realised they really made a big difference with live vocals. We also used a Telefunken M80 dynamic on the snare drum for the album we recorded in LA with Billy Bush at Sunset Sound.”