Two Indian PA companies invest in dLive

Two Indian PA companies have recently added Allen & Heath dLive digital mixing systems to their hire stocks.

Provided by Allen & Heath’s Indian distributor, Sun Infonet, both Systematic Inc. and Naamdhari Entertainment Systems selected the flagship S7000 Surface with DM64 MixRack as part of an upgrade to their hire inventories.

“Our team recently expanded, and the technical demands of our clients has increased in recent times, so I needed to invest in a new digital board, and Allen & Heath was the obvious choice,” explained Systematic’s owner, Vinod Bangera.

”I have been using Allen & Heath mixers for more than 15 years, starting with the GL3300 and the ML Series, and I always loved the pre amp of the analogue mixers. However, the main reason I chose dLive was the 96k processing capability, and during testing, I was very impressed with the sound quality – it’s mind blowing,” he continued. “Adding dLive to my PA made it sound so warm, I have not heard my system sound as sweet before. I would proudly recommend any rental guys buy this board!”

“We are a rental company with a huge range of equipment and we needed a new digital console to meet the growing demands of the business. Compared to its competitors, dLive has a great array of features, fantastic headroom, loads of channels and faders, it’s very responsive, and everything is available on the surface so you don’t have to search through menus. We are very pleased with our purchase!” added Mr. Gurmukh from Naamdhari Entertainment Systems.