Tyrese’s ‘Black Rose’ mixed using PhantomFocus System

Multi-award winning engineer and owner of MixHaus Studios Richard Furch has revealed how relied on his PhantomFocus System (PFS) from Carl Tatz Designs to mix R&B and film star Tyrese Gibson’s acclaimed new album Black Rose.

The record opened at Number One on the Billboard 200, and has also gone on to top the charts on Apple Music and iTunes.

The PhantomFocus System is a custom turnkey solution designed to offer high-level monitoring accuracy – no matter what the user’s choice of monitors may be – and has been well received by successful mixers like Furch.

"I’ve worked out of my own studio, the mixHaus in Los Angeles for the last five years and always had multiple top-of-the-line speaker systems tuned by some of the leading acousticians in the industry. But I always felt that mixing music should be more effortless and translate better. Enter the Carl Tatz PhantomFocus System," he said.

"Carl and his team came in and tweaked the room, installed my speakers in the best location for this particular room and implemented the PFS for an accurate response down to 25 Hz.

"The sound staging is impressive and the vocals sound like they are right in front of you, a feeling akin to going from 480p to 4K HD resolution in the video world.

"But on top of that, the system doesn’t just sound pleasing, it translates expertly. It most certainly gives me peace of mind that what I hear is accurate to what the record sounds like, which shaves off hours from the mix process and results in better mixes all over the map. Client approval is faster, and I can’t imagine going back to any other system. I keep recommending it to my colleagues."

Veteran studio designer and creator of the System, Carl Tatz, added: "Nothing is more gratifying to us than our clients’ successes with the PFS. The immense value and satisfaction of working with the PFS is reiterated by users’ informative testimonials."

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