Uppercuts DJ Academy upgrades with Harman Pro Solutions

Uppercuts DJ Academy recently upgraded their facility with audio gear from Harman Professional Solutions.

Founded in 2014 by DJ Mos, the music school in Moscow, Russia offers aspiring DJs and producers a thorough education in turntable performance and electronic music production, preparing graduates for success in clubs, contests and festivals.

In order to ensure a comprehensive educational experience with professional sound monitoring for its students, the academy recently invested in a total Harman audio solution comprised of JBL EON speakers, AKG headphones and microphones and Soundcraft mixers.

“The new HARMAN equipment has made a huge difference in our classrooms,” said Tony Starr, director, Uppercuts DJ Academy. “When we first opened, instructors and students brought their own headphones to class and everyone used different models from various manufacturers — there was no consistency. The AKG headphones ensure that we’re all hearing the same thing when we listen together, which is critical for providing accurate feedback and helping our students develop as artists.”

Throughout the facility, students use individual turntable stations to practice their mixing and scratching skills, with JBL EON610 speakers now being used at each station. AKG K181 DJ headphones allow the students to practice privately and listen critically to the subtle details of their mixes. In the electronic music lab, JBL LSR308 studio monitors and Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK mixing consoles are helping students create their first compositions.

Uppercuts DJ Academy also selected two JBL EON ONE PA systems to use for events and competitions throughout the facility, including a variety of DJ battles and beat-making collaborations. AKG D5 microphones are used to deliver clear vocal intelligibility when the MC addresses the audience and participants at such events.

“The Harman system enables us to provide professional sound quality for spectators and performers alike,” said DJ Sibir, senior lecturer at Uppercuts DJ Academy. “The JBL EON ONE system is incredibly intuitive and takes no time to set up. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a sound engineer to achieve professional results with JBL EON ONE.

“We recently hosted a unique event in which two DJs collaborated with three or more beat makers at a time. This required a complex routing situation, and the Soundcraft Signature 22MTK console handled the configuration with ease. It may have been the best sounding scratch competition I’ve ever witnessed.”