VDT seminar to take place at Galaxy Studios

A VDT seminar will take place in the newly inaugurated AuroTorium at Galaxy Studios in Mol, Belgium 5-6 October. It will deal with recording and mixing techniques for three-dimensional sound reproduction: How to create the best sounding 3D experience?

The focus of the first day is the introduction of height as the most important factor in the 3D listening experience. Concept, vision and requirements for the next generation sound formats will be presented and the trends and innovations in sport, music and movie production explained. The participants will experience real 3D recordings and examples.

The second day will concentrate on the Auro-3D format, conceptual fundamentals, workflow related questions and solutions, the introduction to 3D recording and mixing techniques, up-mixing, down-mixing and distribution of content. Bert van Daele (CTO, Auro Technologies), Patrick Lemmings (Tonmeister, Galaxy Studios) and Wilfried van Baelen (CEO, Auro Technologies and Galaxy Studios) will conduct the seminar.