Viper Studios opts for Aviom Snake

New York production company, Viper Studios, has utilised Aviom’s Pro 64 Digital Snake to handle audio distribution for the Tune-In Music Festival.

When Viper Studios is called upon by Manhattan’s Park Avenue Armory arts centre to produce live events, the company regularly uses Aviom’s Pro64 Digital Snake to distribute audio throughout the venue. This was once again the case during the recent Tune-In Music Festival, where the Pro64 was used to feed audio signals to 12 stage monitor speakers, two separate line-array speaker systems and 48 channels of stage input during the event.

"The Aviom system is amazing," said Charles Moses, president and CEO of Viper Studios. "The A-Net network is rock solid and all of our Aviom products are work horses. They have proven themselves under all weather conditions and workloads."

Viper’s usual system is a 48×16 digital snake using Aviom’s 6416m Mic input modules, a 6416i input module and 6416o v.2 output modules. As well as the Aviom Pro64 network that functioned as the core of the system, Viper Studios also used Aviom’s AN-16/i-M mic input modules and AN-16/o v.4 output modules during the event as additional signal output routing paths from front of house. The A-Net signal was also routed, via 6416Y2 A-Net interface cards, to Viper’s Yamaha M7CL-48 and LS9-32 consoles to mix the performances.

"What makes the Aviom system really superior is its flexibility and ease of use," continued Moses. "You can make any real-time modifications on-site that are needed without delays. The fact that the network can interface with any digital console with Aviom cards is a real plus. The digital snake systems are intelligent by design, which makes installing, setup and operation of the Aviom system a delight."