Void Acoustics goes big for Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury 2017 featured more Void Acoustics audio systems than ever before.

On the Love Bullets stage – which included back-to-back set by Eats Everything and Fatboy Slim – Intentcity Productions worked with Twisted Audio who provided eight Air Motions, with Stasys 218 low frequency enclosures in a cardioid bass array, Air Stream loudspeakers, and four Stasys 118 low frequency enclosures on monitor duties.

“The excitement had been building for months ahead of this brilliant event,” said Void Acoustics UK sales manager Jake Manley. “We’re grateful to Barry Williams (owner of Twisted Audio) for providing a massive Air Motion system. The festival this year was like no other – everyone involved created an amazing experience for all who came to the Love Bullets stage.”

Kyle Marriott of Neuron Pro Audio noted that this year, "the infamous Shangri-La area of Glastonbury’s south east corner underwent a transformation with new themes, decor, sets and stages. We were contracted to provide a system for the Clash – a 50m-squared area flanked by shipping containers, based around a set for set, rave and roots, sound clash vibe.

“It was a simple choice to roll out our touring Incubus system’s Air Arrays in a broad spaced array, mounted on top of the incomparable Hyperfold quad-15” kick section in one brutal block of 2×2,” Marriott continued. “This was then flanked by no less than 12 Stasys Xair low frequency enclosures in an end-fire cardioid array, tuned to give maximum rearward cancellation at the notoriously problematic 63Hz band.

“This configuration allowed us to keep maximum output on the dance floor for the 4,000-strong-crowd, easily reaching gut-rumbling levels of 115dB at front of house and some 25m back, while keeping the neighbours, other stages, and most importantly the noise police happy.”

Our new Arcline system was bigger and more powerful than the sound systems the venue had run in previous years

– NSL Productions’ Tom Neverlution

The NSL Productions team provided their Arcline 8 and Stasys 218 system for the Criossant Neuf stage in the Green Fields area. “The system used was made up of eight Arcline 8s and four Stasys 218 low frequency enclosures for the 1,000 capacity venue, all powered and controlled by four Bias V9 amplifiers. Our new Arcline system was bigger and more powerful than the sound systems the venue had run in previous years so power consumption was a big concern,” said NSL’s Tom Neverlution.

“However, when we fired up the system for testing we found that we were able to maintain a level of 98dBA at front of house, without issues at the power inverters, giving the engineers more headroom than ever before; a true testament to the efficiency of both the Bias amplifiers and the consistent high output and coverage of the Arcline 8,” he concluded.

Void systems were also installed at the Ridge & Furrow and The Open Arms venues.