Westlake Pro partners with Acoustic Fields

Pro audio retailer and service provider Westlake Pro has been named as the exclusive dealer of Acoustic Fields sound-absorption products.

Acoustic Fields has developed new, modular versions of their absorption/diffusion units specifically for the new partnership.

Using Acoustic Fields’ activated carbon technology, along with their proprietary foam, these products offer low, middle, and high frequency absorption at rates and levels ‘never achieved before in a modular product line.’

Westlake Pro vice president Hamid “Gadget” Hopkins was instrumental in the partnership.

After working with Acoustic Fields on numerous studio builds, Hopkins turned to them to improve the listening room at Westlake Pro’s North Hollywood headquarters. Acoustic Fields’ Steven Stanek worked closely with Hopkins to convert his office into a critical listening room for monitoring (pictured). It is completely furnished with Acoustic Fields’ modular sound absorption/diffusion units and is available for scheduled demonstrations.

“Acoustic Fields is excited to partner with Westlake Pro. These specially designed units will meet the absorption and diffusion needs of the smaller rooms that engineers have to work with every day,” said Acoustic Fields’ Steven Stanek. “These new units not only look great, they perform even better. It’s a winning combination for both Westlake, Acoustic Fields, and Los Angeles.”

Westlake Pro VP Hamid “Gadget” Hopkins added: "Treating your space with these portable, powerful, and beautiful products is a great alternative to a full studio rebuild. The diffusion and bass absorption from the modular Acoustic Fields’ units has totally changed the sound of my room."