Wharfedale Pro announce The Delta Series

Wharfedale Pro has announced the release of its new loudspeaker range The Delta Series.

The new range possesses a comprehensive line-up of passive full range enclosures, subwoofers and stage monitors, as well as a new composite finish.

Developed by IAG, the Rhino Rock finish is designed to offer durability for demanding touring applications, yet remain aesthetically pleasing with a painted finish.

Wharfedale Pro PR manager, Ryan McKenna, commented: “Rhino Rock is the combined result of extensive market research and in-house development. We held meetings with many of our customers and associated live sound companies worldwide, and have fought really hard to meet their demands.

The result is a new type of composite finish that is resistant to the kind of damage that a typical painted loudspeaker will exhibit after being used in real-world sound-reinforcement situations.”

Mike Mayne, Wharfedale Pro product manager, added: “We started off with a brief to create a robust touring loudspeaker that punches above its weight in terms of sound quality and durability. Advanced computer-assisted techniques have been used to tune the enclosure, creating an end product with tight bass, a sparkling top end and accurate transient reproduction.”

The Delta Series is shipping now. For more information, click here.