White Light holds training days throughout the UK

White Light has recently held a series of open days across the UK to allow students and clients to engage with the very latest technology.

Over the past few months, the company has held a range of open days and training courses which cover a variety of disciplines.

These include the Audio KnoWLedge Day that was held last month at WL’s state-of-the-art Studio15. Working alongside some of the biggest pro audio manufacturers including Shure, Riedel, DPA Microphones, Yamaha, d&b audiotechnik, K-array and Astro Spatial Audio, WL hosted a day in which students could get hands-on with the latest audio technology, take part in Q&A forums as well as have one-on-one sessions with industry professionals.

The day was organised by WL’s head of audio Lee Dennison, who said: “With the KnoWLedge Day, we wanted to offer students something which would prove invaluable yet which they wouldn’t receive anywhere else. It’s not often they get the opportunity to speak to industry leaders about their products so this was their own ‘audio trade show’ where they were given time to ask those important questions and have quality hands on tuition they wouldn’t normally be afforded. The feedback we received was fantastic and it’s great to work with such highly regarded manufacturers and make their products so accessible.”

WL has also hosted a range of Hog Training Days alongside ETC at universities across the country. Co-led by WL’s product manager Stuart Porter, WL was recently at LIPA where it offered students Hog console training: “As part of an incentive to introduce students to the benefits of using the Hog console, we are travelling across the country to familiarise them with the product by offering first-hand training,” explained Porter. “With the Hog console not only being extremely affordable, easy-to-use and having more options than ever before, it’s one which we’re finding many professionals are now drawing on; hence we are introducing it to students during their formative years”.

Alongside external training, WL has held in-house training for its staff. This includes lighting, audio and video, with the company’s award-winning SmartStage technology recently used on both Discovery Eurosport’s Winter Olympics coverage and ITV Sport’s Russia World Cup broadcasts.