White Mark installs two new audio suites at Wave

Studio and technical design consultancy White Mark has recently installed two new audio suites at post production facility Wave.

Based in London’s Soho, Wave was established by sound designers Warren Hamilton and Johnnie Burn and has since became known for its high-end client base in the world of advertising and film making.

The facility already housed seven dubbing studios, each running Soundtracs mixing consoles and 48 track Fairlight MFX3 digital workstations. However, such was the demand for the company’s services that an expansion was required to meet client requirements.

Tari Singh, Wave’s general manager, explained: “Fortunately we were able to acquire more space on the ground floor of our existing building and this gave us the opportunity to build two new audio suites, add some new offices and expand our production area. This has been a major building project but it has all come together very well and we are delighted with the work both White Mark and their builder Oakwood have carried out on Audio Suites 8 and 9. Both rooms are equipped with new Fairlight EVO workstations and Genelec monitoring and have Nuendo sound design capability. As with our existing suites, these new rooms are linked to a central server giving them instant access to a sound library with over 500,000 sound effects.”

Wave’s relationship with White Mark stretches back to 1999, when the company designed and installed Wave’s first audio studios 12 years ago. David Bell, managing director of White Mark, added: “It bears testament to our long view of facility planning that so many clients return to us when they consider further development. It is easy for designers to offer quick or cheap solutions but it has always been our aim to have long-term relationships with those who trust us with their projects and it is very satisfying to find, over the years, how many reciprocate that feeling. We are very pleased to have been asked to become involved with this latest chapter in the successful development of Wave’s facilities and have enjoyed working again with everyone there, all of whom we have long regarded as friends.”