Yellow Box Studios fits SCM300ASL PROs

Singapore audio post-production facility Yellow Box Studios has installed a pair of ATC SCM300ASL PRO three-way active series loudspeakers in its new music production and recording facility.

At the heart of the control room is an analogue mixer, partnered with the SCM300ASL PROs. “They were highly recommended by one of my senior engineers,” explained Yellow Box Studios Managing Director Rennie Gomes. “We had heard a pair in another facility and were very impressed.

“Engineers and musicians are bringing in their favourite mic pres, amps, and other gizmos to test in our room, and they’re amazed at the results. We’re finally able to do large-format recording, helped by having the SCM300s in a room that best compliments their sound.

“The installation went very well. It was basically a case of set up and go, with not many tweaks needed as the system suits the room so well.”