ADAM Audio announces A7X anniversary photo competition

ADAM Audio has launched a new Photo Competition to celebrate the seventh anniversary of its award-winning A7X studio monitors.

The company is offering three special pairs of A7X’s in limited edition colours as prizes.

Participants are required to submit a photo of what they think would be the ultimate location to install a pair of A7X’s, and share it online with the audio community. First prize – a pair of limited edition Cherry-finish ADAM A7X monitors – will go to the most interesting and creative entry, and for the runners up there are two more pairs of A7X speakers to be won in Gloss Black and standard matte finish, as second and third prize respectively.

To enter the competition, contestants need to:

Find or create a photo of their dream install location, download a pic of the A7X, and put the two together in any way possible. For those who aren’t experts in digital manipulation, ADAM Audio is also accepting drawings, sketches and any other creative way of demonstrating such an idea.

Photos/drawings must then be uploaded to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with a post that includes the hashtags #ADAMAudio and #A7X.

There is also a form at the website below that needs to be filled out in order to officially enter the competition.

The competition is now underway and ends on 31 May 2017, 12:00 pm CET. The winners will be chosen by the team at ADAM Audio and announced on 15 June 2017, also via the following website: