Audiotonix invests in sonible intelligent plug-in processing

Audiotonix has announced the acquisition of sonible, one of the world’s leading developers of assistive artificial intelligence (A.I.) based processing solutions for professional audio. Located in Graz, Austria, sonible’s assistive mixing plug-ins have provided a new generation of intelligent processing production tools for engineers and audio creatives with uniquely intuitive usability and workflow-enhancing features at their core.

Their product portfolio also includes multi-channel amplifiers for high-end audio installations dedicated to science and research, and speaker technology for delivering 3-D immersive soundscapes.

sonible will join the growing Audiotonix brand portfolio of leading audio technology and solutions companies that includes Allen & Heath, Calrec, DiGiCo, DiGiGrid, Group One Limited, Harrison, KLANG:technologies, Slate Digital, Solid State Logic, and Sound Devices.

“The sonible team have spent the last ten years developing the most advance assistive A.I. technologies for mixing and audio creation” states James Gordon, CEO of Audiotonix. “Along with investing in their growth and helping the team expand their current market solutions as sonible, we will also look to harness their technology across our other Audiotonix brands. The potential to utilise sonible’s intelligence in our other brands will be a ground-breaking proposition for all our customers.”

Ralf Baumgartner, CEO and co-founder soniblecomments:

“As a team, our mix of highly skilled engineers and creative individuals have been on a very special journey together, building the underlying technologies and culture that have become the heart of sonible. It’s been clear from our initial discussions that Audiotonix share our passion in evolving innovative and disruptive solutions, so I’m sure we have the best environment to continue our journey with the additional knowledge, investment and resources that comes with being part of Audiotonix team.”

Enrique Perez – GM Solid State Logic, Alexander Wankhammer – CMO sonible, Ralf Baumgartner – CEO sonible, James Gordon – CEO Audiotonix, Peter Sciri – CTO sonible, Nicolas Lacombe – MD Slate Digital France