AES 2017: Focusrite launches new professional division

Today at the AES convention in New York, Focusrite (Booth 517 and 366) announced the launch of its new Focusrite Pro division, formed to serve the specific needs of audio professionals.

Focusrite says the new division is “dedicated to removing creative and technical barriers by improving the workflows of audio professionals with scalable audio solutions that meet both their current and future requirements”.

Focusrite Pro currently oversees three product ranges: Red multi-format audio interfaces, RedNet modular audio-over-IP solutions, and ISA microphone preamplifiers and analogue signal processors.

The Focusrite Pro division is led by Richard Nevens, VP global sales. “Focusrite Pro seeks to engage with professional audio clients, both pre- and post-sale, as they transition their workflows and facilities to an audio-over-IP infrastructure,” said Nevens. “Dante technology provides capabilities and a level of flexibility not previously available, and Focusrite is the leading provider of this technology throughout this significant industry transition.”

Nevens continued: “Focusrite Pro is the client-facing team, supporting them as a trusted advisor, providing both technical guidance and recommended sales solutions that are tailored to their workflows. This includes arranging demos, providing system integration recommendations, offering comparative proof points through the sales engagement process, and further assistance to ensure the client’s needs are met."

Tim Carroll, CEO of Focusrite audio engineering, added: "The sole focus of Focusrite Pro is to enable audio professionals with best-in-class audio solutions for modern-day workflows. Audio professionals now have a dedicated team of professional audio product designers and sales and support staff. This new team will help them build and deploy solutions that address the needs of modern-day audio production in broadcast, post-production, music production, live and installed sound.”