Alcons Audio enhances 3D Cinema with new audio technology

Audiences at this years ISE2012 were treated by Alcons Audio to a new 3D presentation showcasing their cutting edge audio technology that is enhancing the way we look at films today. 

The 3D Blu-Ray and CD presentations was a collaboration between Alcons, DVS, Image Screens, Infitsec and Lang AG. The sound system itself, Alcons 5.1 surround system is comprised of a CRMS front system and 12 CRMS surround speakers. OPwered an controlled by ALC2 and ALC4 amplified loudspeaker controllers and DDP digital drive processors, all channels featured ‘studio grade’ AES/EBU digital-to-analogue conversion. 

The presentation also featured a performance by Teutonic rockers The Scorpions. 

"Showcasing The Scorpions performance was a good way of demonstrating the audio qualities of our 3D cinema system," Alcons co-founder Tom Back stated. "The band’s music varies from soft ballads to full-throttle hard rock and so the dynamic capabilities, frequency response and transient responses of the system were shown to really good effect."

Back demonstrated how the 3D Theatre brings remarkable width and depth to the image of stereo and multi-channel content and this makes it possible to deliver the best and, most importantly, the most lifelike experience to the audience of 3D shows. 

Back concluded on a high note championing the success of the presentation and the show itself for Alcons and its collaborations. "It was a really successful show for Alcons," he said. Both the stand and the 3D cinema were very busy throughout the day and we had many enquiries. A striking feature, as always, was the number of home cinema enquiries we had for our C-series range." 

Alcons was also showing other systems including the QR36 full range line-source column, LR7 micro line-array, compact CR2 screen system, CSS3 ultra-compact surround system and a new 21" slim cinema subwoofer. The BC322 all-carbon cone, self contained cardioid subwoofer was also being previewed.