API 1608 installed at Canyon Hut studio

Canyon Hut recording studio has recently installed a fully analogue API (Automated Processing Inc) 1608 console.

The facility’s co-owner Tim Hutton commented on his process of selecting the right console for the studio, explaining that his mind was immediately made up on hearing the 1608. “When making the decision to buy a console, I knew it had to feel ‘right’ in my gut,” he said. “I tested many and most of them were fairly linear. The 1608 was the only console that was un-darkened, incredibly warm and all embracing. Its design is flawless and I felt right at home when I first sat down and started tracking.”

As a songwriter, musician and producer, Hutton co-owns Canyon Hut with his brother, Dash. After attending the Hamilton Music Academy, Tim began recording and producing tracks for his friends’ bands; a hobby, which eventually became his full-time profession.

“Things really took off at that point,” he explained. “I decided I needed ‘the best’ console. I was already very happy with my API 554s and 525s, so I decided to test the 1608. I was floored. It was exactly what I needed, wanted, and demanded to make the Canyon Hut one of the best studios in Los Angeles.”

Hutton also suggests that both Abbey Road and Motown studios were the inspiration for Canyon Hut’s “2001 meets 1950s” design. “I really want the world to know that we are a one-stop shop. We can engineer, produce, mix, play, sing, whatever the record needs, all with the best gear – the 1608,” he concluded.