COMPANY PROFILE: Sommer Cable, Germany

Peter Rieck, Sommer Cable‘s key account and distribution manager has spoken to API about the firm’s various strengths, including its mammoth product offering.

Founded in 1999 and situated in the Northern Black Forest region of Germany, Sommer Cable is a major supplier of pro audio cables, connectors and accessories to customers all over the world.

Over 20,000 products are currently listed in the company’s bumper catalogue – "a fantastic tool for planners and users from many sectors," according to Rieck. Sommer also has plenty of space to play with at its central warehouse in Straubenhardt, which features a 2,000-square-metre storage area with 1,000 pallet spaces in the bulkware department and more than 6,000 multi-container spaces in the small parts section.

The manufacturer is also very proud of its levels of efficiency – a barcode-based inventory control system allows it to handle approximately 200 outgoings every day – and customer service.

How many people do you employ?

Rieck: At Sommer Cable we now have 50 people who work in the office and in the warehouse. At our external production sites we have another 30 employees maximum.

How is business compared to this time last year?

We can’t complain – turnover is currently very good. If this should continue during the year, we will definitely top last year’s growth rate.

What are your bestselling products and why do you think they perform so well?

Not an easy question in view of our large range, but the best-selling product is our STAGE 22 – a microphone cable with an outstanding price-performance ratio. Other products are also selling very well. The reasons for this can certainly be found in the product continuity, as well as in the product quality.

In what area(s) have you seen most growth recently?

Undoubtedly in the project sector; there’s not a single large installation today that can do without media technology. Right here are the strong points of our vast range. We offer suitable cables and connection technologies for almost any media installation.

What makes you different to other cable manufacturers?

Our creativity and flexibility in designing new products and of course our warehouse organisation – most deliveries leave our warehouse within 24h after receipt of order.

In what countries/regions are you currently strongest, and which territories are you now looking to target?

The highest turnovers are currently registered in Europe and Russia. The Asian area is also very strong. In the Latin American area our distributional structures are still very young, but there lies a huge potential, of course.

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