Crown’s high-power DCi Series amplifiers now shipping

Crown Audio is now shipping the four highest-powered models in its DriveCore Install (DCi) power amp series.

Available as DCi Analog and DCi Network Ethernet-linkable versions, the four-channel and two-channel amplifiers deliver 1,250 Watts per channel into two, four or eight ohms and 70Vrms and 100Vrms (all channels driven; 2,500 Watts in bridged mode), and are suitable for stadiums, arenas, amusement parks, clubs, casinos, or any other venue where the highest levels of power are required.

The range includes the DCi Analog four-channel DCi4|1250 and two-channel DCi2|1250, as well as the DCi Network four-channel DCi4|1250N and two-channel DCi2|1250N (pictured). Both share the same specs, except for the DCi Network amplifiers’ Ethernet connectivity, which enables networked configuration via RJ-45 cable and BLU link digital audio transport. 

“As the successor to our long-time industry-standard CTs Series, we introduced the DCi Series as the undisputed new standard in installed sound amplifiers,” commented Daniel Saenz, business segment manager at Crown Audio. “As such, having high-power models in the lineup to handle the largest applications was mandatory.

"These four new amplifiers bring an entirely new level of performance, flexibility, sound quality and reliability to the most demanding large-scale amplification requirements. With the feature set of the networked amplifiers, the system is simplified through easier connections with RJ-45 for BLU link and fewer hardware devices with rack density of high output four-channel amplifiers."

Click here for more details on the DCi Series.

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