d&b audiotechnik announce new workflow software and firmware updates

Germany-based pro audio manufacturer, d&b audiotechnik have announced updates to their ArrayCalc simulation software, R1 remote control software and R10 Service software as well as to the firmware for the E-PAC amplifier.

The new version of ArrayCalc, version 6.7, will contain the d&b R1 remote control software’s export function. This will allow allows for the removal of the original copy and pasting process of the amplifier settings left when moving these settings from the ArrayCalc simulation software to the R1 Remote control software.

The update replaces the need to manually process the transfer entirely by the user. It achieves this by automatically generating a workspace in an R1 project file whilst simultaneously exporting the amplifier settings to an R1 control settings file.

What is more, the R10 service software has been updated by d&b. Now, version 2 and all subsequent versions will automatically and on demand search for the latest amplifier firmware version and updates by connecting to the d&b server and downloading them where appropriate. It also automatically updates the R10 Service software itself where appropriate. Naturally, this will give the user greater peace of mind in that they can be certain that their firmware and software is always up to date without having to manually check for updates themselves.

Finally, the firmware update to the E-PAC amplifier has been announced by d&b despite the fact that the kit itself was discontinued in 2007. Nonetheless, the new version 4.17 update will be a welcome contribution to those still utilising the E-PAC tech.

The R10 Service software update (version 2.0.8) is currently available via the d&b audiotechnik website. ArrayCalc V6.7 software will be available for download from March 2012.