dBTechnologies provides first ever line array in Iranian mosque

dBTechnologies’ DVA T12 and DVA T4 units recently made history by becoming the first ever line array system to be installed at a religious site in Iran.

Last month saw the Hazrat Masoomeh mosque take stock of six DVA T12s and ten DVA T4 units to provide evenly spread sound throughout the entire prayer space.

Installation was completed in 12 hours by local dBTechnologies distributor Kish Pishgaman’s technical team, headed up by Meysam Khorasani. “They were so easy to install, almost clip on, plug and play,” he said of the DVA speakers. He was also particularly impressed with how easy it was to integrate DVA T4s with the newer, larger DVA T12 line array units.

Khorasani claimed it was easy to set up the system – even without using the built-in RDNet port – by selecting the EQ presets. “All units were pre-programmed on the floor with selector switches on the back before erecting the systems 18 meters high. This helps a lot for handy commissioning,” he explained.

Also overseeing proceedings was the project’s chief sound engineer Ing. Alireza Haddadi who had been convinced by the brand early on. “At the tender we were really impressed with the competitive pricing, which together with the quality of the DVA system and the high level of before and after sales service offered by Kish Pishgaman made dBTechnologies the right choice for this project,” he commented.

“It was the DVA T12 and T4 that offered the best frequency resolution and speech clarity at this price point. This, combined with outstanding power rating and a 3-way amp design is particularly important to us as we are using them mainly for vocal applications covering a large listening area.

“The low weight of the line array models was a crucial factor when it came down to the choice of speaker, as there are stiff safety regulations to adhere to,” added Khorasani, who also took into account the aesthetic impact that the system would have on the old building. He explained, “The wide dispersion of the two line array modules together meant they covered a vast area, hence less investment in terms of both speaker quantity, installation time and expense. And having fewer boxes is less visually intrusive.”

dBTechnologies business development manager Giovanni Barbieri, also commented: "I am really impressed with the know-how and continuous passion exhibited by Kish Pishgaman. Since this company has taken over the distribution in Iran, it has strengthened the dBTechnologies brand image to the point that it is now valuable and recognised in the market. Their connections in the installation field, together with our expanding product portfolio assure us of a brilliant future”

The commercial director at Kish Pishgaman also expressed his confidence in the newly installed system’s potential to generate further opportunities. “Qom city also houses a number of other magnificent mosques, religious gathering places and shrines, which I have no doubt will follow this installation once they have had the chance to hear the dBTechnologies system first hand.”