Dynacord speakers installed in new Polish nightclub

The new BoraBora nightclub in Zawadzkie, Poland, has been equipped exclusively with PA equipment from Dynacord.

Spread out over 1,500 square metres, BoraBora features two dance floors, two VIP rooms and six bars. The operators, who were already familiar with Dynacord – having previously chosen the brand’s systems for its Club Azteka in Stare Budkowice – once again went for a Dynacord solution. TOMMEX was responsible for the concept and system set-up.

BoraBora’s two dancefloors are of a similar size, but provide very different experiences for visitors – club sound DJs can be found in the Red Room, while the Violet Room was built for bands specialising in the disco and dance genres. These differences are reflected in the categories of Dynacord loudspeakers installed in the two areas – the Red Room is home to four TS 400 Vertical Arrays.

The TS 400’s vertical dispersion pattern is tightly controlled, allowing it to deliver high quality sound for acoustically problematic locations. For the Violet Room, TOMMEX installed models from the VariLine range, along with four VL 122 multi-function loudspeakers. The units are driven in active two-way mode by two LX 2200 power amps, while a third LX 2200 delivers power to the speakers in the Red Room. In total, four active D 8A monitors serve the needs of DJs and musicians in the club. A DSP 600 controller is also situated in both the Red and Violet rooms, and two Sub 28 subs driven by an LX 3000 amplifier reinforce the low frequencies in both rooms.

“Marcin Badecki, co-owner of the BoraBora club, was always extremely impressed with the outstanding sound quality delivered by the Dynacord installation in his other club, the Azteka, as well as by its reliability,” said Piotr Wosiek, managing director of the Olsztyn bureau of TOMMEX. “Besides which, they knew that they can rely one hundred per cent on our support and after-sales service. That’s why they opted once again for Dynacord in the BoraBora.

“After the official opening weekend the owners and also the DJs confirmed that the new Dynacord PA systems not only fulfilled their expectations, but far surpassed them.”

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