Genelec announces new joint venture in Japan

Genelec is looking to deliver heightened standards of service and support for Japanese customers with the opening of Genelec Japan, a joint venture that it says will dramatically raise the profile of its technologies within the regional market.

This new venture will build on Genelec’s strong history of success in the Japaneses audio industry, both boosting support for existing customers and the wider industry while also offering newcomers the opportunity to learn about Genelec products such as the recently launched The Ones ultimate point source three way coaxial near-fields.

Based in Tokyo, Genelec Japan launches in partnership with studio technology supplier MI7 Japan.

Led by managing director Kanji Murai, Genelec Japan will be responsible for the promotion, distribution and support of Genelec’s products, services and solutions throughout the country.

The news also marks a development in the relationship between Genelec and its long-term Japanese distributor, Otaritec, which will continue to work with Genelec Japan as a sub-distributor.

“Japan has been an essential part of Genelec’s DNA since the company was founded four decades ago,” said Siamäk Naghian, managing director of Genelec. “We have been honoured to enjoy a close relationship with many of Japan’s very knowledgeable audio professionals, all of whom have served as inspiration for Genelec product development, our company philosophy and our standing as a brand. The launch of Genelec Japan is a natural extension of that friendship and a wonderful opportunity for us to be even closer to a market that we respect very deeply.”

Seiji Murai, managing director of MI7, added: “Our local-market and cultural experience as well as our network of dealers will enable us to provide broader and better support to Genelec customers, spurring new growth in Japan. We are enthusiastically looking forward to this exciting relationship.”

(Pictured L-R: Shiro Ooki, Shinichi Kyota, Kanji Murai, Seiji Murai, Koji Watanabe)