Hoellstern Delta 8.4-DSP amplifier

German amplifier manufacturer Hoellstern has recently released the Delta 8.4-DSP amplifier. Aimed at traditional rental business as well as permanent installations, such as theatres and concert halls, Delta 8.4-DSP features inbuilt, four-channel DSP, remote control option and free DSP configuration.

When the amp’s ‘On’ mode is activated each of its four channels provides 1,300 Watts at eight Ohms and 1,700 Watts at six Ohms. In ‘Off’ mode the output power is 4 x 850 Watts at eight ohms or 4 x 1,700 Watts at four Ohms respectively.

Hoellstern’s DSP loudspeaker management offers four discrete audio inputs. The 56-bit DSP controller is fully integrated into the Hoellstern amplifiers to offer a comprehensive loudspeaker management system.

All four individual audio inputs have a short latency of 0.2 ms (7 cm sound path distance, QuasiAnalog), and the Hoellstern DSPSoftEngine. These factors are said to provide an architecture that allows the successful emulation of all external controllers and DSP power amplifiers currently available. Preset configurations are available for free download from the firm and constantly updated.

Like all other Hoellstern amplifiers, the Delta8.4-DSP may be operated on an RS-485 network under Windows and Mac using the free Konfigurator2 software or configured and controlled via the Hoellstern AmplifierTeacher.

The company states that the Delta 8.4-DSP is stable down to one Ohm, easy to use, flexible and suitable for all loudspeaker systems.

Product designation
4-channel audio amplifier with built-in 4-channel DSP, remote control option and free DSP configuration

Technical specifications
4 x 4 channels, 4 x 1,300 watts at 8 Ohms, 4 x 1,700 watts at 6 ohms and
4 x 1,700 watts at 4 Ohms in another operating mode

19-inch, 2 RU case, 29 cm deep

11.6 kg

April 2011