InfoComm 2012: Audio-Technica introduces new SpectraPulse components

Currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, Audio-Technica has introduced two new components for its US-only SpectraPulse Ultra Wideband (UWB) Wireless Microphone System at the InfoComm 2012 show in Las Vegas.

The new chg004 is a four-bay charger for SpectraPulse transmitters. Another new component, the sei001 encryption interface, is now included with the optional encryption software available for the SpectraPulse system.

The new chg004 comes with four charging bays that hold either mtu101 Microphone Transmitters or mtu201 XLR Desk Stand Transmitters; the unit is also designed to charge up to two mtu301 Body-pack Transmitters. Supplied rechargeable AA Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries are charged within the SpectraPulse transmitters.

Furthermore, the chg004 is also aimed at providing built-in safety features that monitor cell voltage and automatically stop charging if problems are detected or if alkaline (non-rechargeable) or damaged batteries are installed. Maintenance charging is intended to prevent battery self-discharge until the transmitter is removed from its charger. The package includes the chg004 charger, 12 NiMH AA batteries, two charging cables (for charging mtu301 units), a wall adapter power supply and an installation/operation manual.

The company’s SpectraPulse systems are designed to offer optimised immunity to eavesdropping, and are available with optional sep128 encryption software that meets the AES 128-bit encryption standard developed by the U.S. government for securing sensitive material. The sep128 software now comes equipped with the sei001 encryption interface – a convenient one-bay encryption station for SpectraPulse transmitters.

The first commercial sound implementation of Ultra Wideband technology, Audio-Technica’s SpectraPulse Ultra Wideband wireless microphone systems are built to offer secure wireless operation for the installed sound market, free from RF competition, frequency coordination and “white space” issues.

These new components make up part of the company’s contractor-exclusive Engineered Sound line and will be available in the US July 2012.

Audio-Technica’s SpectraPulse technology is only available in the US.

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