InfoComm 2012: Bosch introduces new DCN conference control unit

Bosch has taken to the exhibition floor of the Las Vegas Convention Centre to launch its new central control unit (CCU).

The new CCU is designed to allow both wired and wireless delegate units to be integrated in one system, facilitating the extension of DCN Next Generation systems to meet changing needs by adding DCN wireless discussion units.

One CCU is able to control up to 245 wired and 245 wireless delegate units, while an Ethernet connection to the control PC offers a method of bridging greater distances than the former RS 232 connection (maximum 15 meters) with no need for converters. Further enhancements include 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption to protect against eavesdropping. Furthermore, the wireless system now features a voice activation mode, which is designed to allow microphones to be switched on automatically once the delegates begin to speak, enabling more spontaneous and open discussions.

Meanwhile, the company has also increased the number of system trunk outputs on the CCU from two to three in order to provide enhanced flexibility in connecting wired delegate units. The cables can be secured to the system trunk outputs using special locking clips to prevent them from being pulled out accidentally. 

A host of cost-saving features have also been introduced, with increased output power allowing the CCU to drive more delegate units and reducing the need and expense of additional power supplies in larger systems. The CCU can also be configured as a network controller, eliminating the expense of a dedicated network controller required in very large multi-CCU systems (with up to 4,000 delegates). 

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