InfoComm 2019: Auralex to offer “Large Room Acoustics” educational sessions

Auralex Acoustics is offering a series of educational sessions at its exhibition booth, #6450, at the InfoComm show this week, June 12-14, 2019.

The approximately 40-minute sessions, dubbed “In-booth education – Large Room Acoustics,” will take place four times per day during the show.

One reason acoustical treatment is not included or removed from a project budget is due to a lack of understanding of the real benefits that a proper treatment plan provides. Not knowing what it does, or how to determine what and how much acoustical treatment is needed in a space, leads to confusion, and therefore proper acoustical treatment is eventually considered a luxury that is not important to the overall success of a complete installation.

At these sessions, Auralex will show how simple it can be to determine what is needed for a large room, house of worship, gymnasium, performance hall, meeting hall or conference room. Each session will include a 30-minute lecture and 10-minute Q&A.

“Before you install the best sound or conferencing system from this year’s show, learn how to acoustically treat the room so the system can sound its best,” the company said.

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