ISE 2012: Lab.gruppen showcases energy saving E-series amplifier

Lab.gruppen demonstrated their installation-ideal E-series amplifier which is also Energy Star 2.1 compliant at the ISE 2012 trade show in Amsterdam.

The E-series includes Lab.gruppen’s new Intellidrive Energy Efficient Amplifier (IDEEA) system. The E-series with IDEEA aims to retain the sonic performance and power output of their other high-end equipment whilst also meeting—or exceeding—the rigorous energy efficiency requirements that have to be achieved to gain Energy Star 2.1 certification.

The E-series achieves a high power density of up to 2x600W in 1U. However, this is delivered with low power consumption.

Further ways that energy efficiency is maintained includes an auto-power-down function. This means that if no signal is detected for 20 mins then the E-series powers down. When a signal is detected the auto-power-on is activated.

“In 21st century AV installations,” the company explains, “systems integrators and end users must consider a power amplifier’s total cost – financially and environmentally – as calculated over an extended lifetime. The initial cost of a product can prove misleading. After ten years of use, an amplifier that costs less to install ‘out of the box’ often will end up costing more after paying the “electricity penalty” for inefficiency.”

The E-series also has a high-pass filter of 35 Hz, Phoenix-type screw terminals for inputs and outputs and a temperature controlled fan that turns off for low level signals.

The E-series is therefore ideal for permanent installations.

“The overriding goal of Lab.gruppen engineers has always been to produce the maximum possible power output – regardless of load type connected – with minimum current draw from AC mains,” added the company. “The latest generation Lab.gruppen amplifiers achieve this goal by applying new technologies that work in concert to deliver unprecedented overall efficiency – both minute-by-minute and over a decade or more.”

The E-series has three models each with two channels: the E 12:2 (max channel output 1200W, 600W per channel), E 8:2 (max channel output 800W, 400W per channel) and E 4:2 (max channel output 400W, 200W per channel).