ISE 2015: Aimline to make first show appearance

Aimline, a new name in professional loudspeakers, is to exhibit at ISE for the first time on Booth H7-F212.

Led by a team of time-served pro audio professionals, including Tobi Schulte (ex-Tannoy and Turbosound), Nigel Miller (formerly of Tannoy and Tascam) and Claus Behrens (once of Lab.gruppen and TC Group), Aimline will show ALX-8, the first model in its new ALX-Series. Representing a new generation of digitally steerable column loudspeakers, the ALX systems can be integrated into existing networks using Dante connectivity.

The ALX-8 can be cascaded in up to six units in horizontal and vertical directions, and its main features include Dante audio input and output, multibeam technology for horizontal and vertical beam control, analogue and digital inputs, networking-over-IP protocol and a heavy-duty aluminium enclosure in a slim design.

The ALX-Series will be available in versions tailored for both the installation and rental markets.

The German company’s existing ALM-Series speakers have already been used in projects across the country, in areas such as government spaces, conference rooms, universities, theatres and sports complexes.

The Aimline ALM-Series consists of a family of active column speakers. Each model is built as a true two-way, full-range system with 3.5” loudspeaker for low/mid and ribbon tweeters for high frequencies. Three models of differing lengths (from 1,100mm to 3,300mm) are available, ranging from 10x 3.5” drivers with two ribbon HF drivers to 24x 3.5-inch drivers with four ribbon HF drivers.

A separate digital amplifier with its own digital signal processor drives each of these components and setup is done through Windows software within a network. All columns are connected via a Cat5 cable for audio and network data handling. Column Elevation, Focus Distance, Focus Elevation and Opening Angle parameters can be set to determine the beam of each speaker, and for audio signal processing, a noise gate, limiter, delay and ten-band parametric equaliser are available.

The ALP-Series comprises three passive column speakers, using two-way technology with the same enclosure and design as the ALM-Series. All ALP-Series loudspeakers have a narrow vertical beam for tightly focussed dispersion, and can be ordered for low-impedance applications, as well as for 100V installations. They can also be ordered in IP68 versions for outdoor use.

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