Italy’s largest studio equipped with Dynaudio monitors

Believed to be the biggest studio in Italy, Art&Music Recording in Gallarate has chosen Dynaudioacoustics M4+P monitors for its main facility – Console Room A.

Conceived in 2002 by Bruno Carlo Oggioni – aka "Dr. Shiver" – Art&Music Recording (A&M) offers services in the video, graphics, web and education fields, and is also a record label and music publisher specialising in dance, house, and pop music. Console Room A is its main live recording room, featuring a 24-channel SSL Duality console and a range of high quality outboard equipment.

“I first worked with Dynaudioacoustics monitors in various Milan studios. Since then I have always liked them," said Oggioni. "When deciding on monitors for the new studio I travelled to London and listened to a range of top studio monitors. When I heard the M4 system at Sphere Studios it was like ‘wow!’ They have a wonderful bass response even at low volumes which is important when mixing my music.”

The standard M4 can now be found in high-end studios all over the world, but the M4+P monitor was recommended to A&M by head of Dynaudioacoustics and renowned acoustician Andy Munro. The + in the product name indicates the presence of high power drive units, while the P stands for the ‘passive crossover’ between the hi-mid and tweeter.

A pair of custom 18” subwoofers were also suggested, to augment the bass response of the M4 to help simulate club conditions. Pre-sets in the XTA crossover are used to hold the various settings and these can be switched remotely using a GPI interface.

Andy Munro added: “This was a major installation, even by M4 standards, with a sub system that really moves a lot of air and yet sounds as clean as the highest quality mastering speakers. The room is extremely tight at low frequencies so the overall sound is perfectly true. Frankly it wipes the floor with some of the so-called Mastering Rooms that I have measured in recent years.

"Bruno has very good hearing and together we tuned the speakers with the digital parametric control unit and the system responds to the slightest adjustment – a sign that everything is at it should be. As well as the reference settings we made a ‘club’ mixing alignment that sounded truly amazing. I haven’t done that since we built the Wu-Tang Clan system in New York and that had four 18” bass drivers.”

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