JBL ScreenArray loudspeakers added to Berlin?s Event Cinema

Berlin’s Event Cinema, which is located at the Sony Centre, Potsdamer Platz, recently underwent a full audio upgrade with Harman’s JBL 5742 ScreenArray four-way cinema loudspesakers.

The 5742 ScreenArray incorporates patented SSC (Screen Spreading Compensation), which corrects for the high-frequency dispersion of a perforated movie screen when the speakers are placed behind the screen. The technology behind the 5742s is designed to provide an asymmetrical coverage pattern tilted ten degrees downward from horizontal to deliver uniform coverage throughout the cinema.

Furthermore, the JBL 5742 ScreenArray cinema loudspeaker features a 4” titanium, high-frequency compression driver operating in conjunction with a patented Optimised Aperture waveguide for uniform frequency response over a large area. It also has a quad midrange array of four 8” Differential Drive cone midrange drivers and the low-frequency section features two 18” woofers.

The Event Cinema features three 5742 loudspeakers behind the screen, and to accommodate multiple needs, the cinema also features 12 SRX725F high-performance PA loudspeakers. A total of 16 Crown I-Tech 5000 HD amplifiers power the system with a total capacity of 80 kW, of which two are for each front-end system (four amplifier channels), six SRX725F (one amplifier channel per speaker) and four for the sub-bass (one channel per sub-bass). The I-Tech 5000 HD amplifiers feature Omnidrive HD DSP processing to handle the signal processing for each individual loudspeaker, including crossover functions

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