KPMG Denmark Installs Meyer Sound Low-Voltage System

KPMG Denmark, a worldwide accounting and consulting company, has installed an almost invisible system of Meyer Sound MM-4XP miniature self-powered loudspeakers its new 33,000-square-metre headquarters building in Copenhagen.

23 MM-4XP loudspeakers were strategically spaced throughout the auditorium in four delay zones. When the room is divided into two smaller spaces, 15 MM-4XP loudspeakers can be assigned to the larger room and eight to the smaller room via the Crestron touch panel.

“It was a challenging room because the architects did not want any loudspeakers visible, not even color-matched ceiling grilles,” stated Anders Jørgensen of Kastrup, Denmark-based Stouenborg, the firm responsible for the A/V systems. “The only place allowed for speakers was in angled lighting slots built into the ceiling design. And the only systems available that could provide the power and clarity we needed inside that small space were the Meyer Sound MM-4XP loudspeakers.”

The MM-4XP loudspeakers draw DC power from remote 48-volt MPS-488HP power supplies, making it possible for Stouenborg technicians to install the entire system with Class 2 wiring, while retaining the advantages of true self-powered loudspeakers. “There’s a metro train line directly underneath the building, and we needed to minimize possible interference,” noted Jørgensen. “The MM-4XP speakers did that and also reduced the number of rack units we normally need in the equipment room. The overall level is incredible compared to the systems typically used for ceiling speakers. The client is extremely pleased by the results.”

For video presentations, the system comprises a trio of UPJunior VariO loudspeakers behind each of the two video screens, with each configured as left-centre-right to the ISO 2969 cinema standard. The integrated A/V systems provided by Stouenborg also include Sennheiser wireless microphone systems, DPA lectern microphones, and dual Sanyo HF10000 2K projectors.