Lab.gruppen presents E Series webinar

Lab.gruppen is to present a live webinar in order to provide key insights into the company’s new E Series product range.

The presentation, which will be hosted by TC Group’s vice president of international sales Miguel Hadelich, with input from Lab.gruppen’s product research manager Klas Dalbjorn, will also offer viewers the opportunity to pose questions during a short Q&A session.

There are currently two scheduled presentations to suit varying time zones, which viewers can confirm their attendance for at the following links:

Tuesday January 24th, 10am GMT

Tuesday January 24th, 4.30pm GMT

Once registered, an email will be sent detailing how to log into the event, which can be done up to 15 minutes before the webinar starts. However, it is strongly recommended that you log in at least ten minutes prior in order to verify your browser’s JAVA plug-ins and built-in media players are up to date. The system will do this automatically when you join.

Audio stream will be via VoiP and/or dial-in via telephone.