Legendary Wisseloord Studios install API console and PMC loudspeakers

The legendary Dutch recording studio, Wisseloord, has installed an Automated Processes Inc (API) console and PMC loudspeakers as part of its extensive refit.

The Hilversum-based studio was originally founded by the Dutch electronics company, Philips, in order to allow its PolyGram artists to record there. The first artists were, understandably, mostly Dutch. However, soon the studio developed an international reputation. Soon artists such as Elton John, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Tina Turner and U2 came to make use of the studio.

In recent years the studio has come under new ownership and they began an extensive refit of Wisseloord in 2010.

The studios second studio has been fitted with an API Vision console. According to the studio, this studio is looking to be fully analogue (whilst also retaining digital capabilities) and the 64-channel API Vision fitted the bill perfectly.

The Vision, which has a transparent bus architecture and streamlined workflow, will allow users to mix in stereo and surround simultaneously. Users will also be joined in the revamped studio by an impressive collection of analogue and digital gear.

What is more, both the analogue Studio 2 and digital Studio 1 (based around an Euphonix System5 console) will feature a PMC monitoring system.

Both studios will feature a PMC 5.1 active monitoring system. This includes the PMC BB5-XBD-A speakers (the most powerful in the range), two PMC MB2S-XBD on rear surrounds and a set of smaller PMC AML2 speakers for reference.

Further AML2 speakers have been incorporated into the new mastering suite built at Wisseloord for critical reference listening.

Ronald Prent and Darcy Proper, the studios Recording and Mastering Engineers and also the new heads of the Board of Directors, had experience with PMC kit at their previous studio in Belgium: Galaxy. It was this familiarity which ensured that they wanted PMC speakers to grace their new studio.

Clearly significant technical changes are taking place at the historic Wisseloord studio. However, the new owners are acutely aware that there cannot lose some of the atmosphere so unique to the venue.

“There needs to be a fundamental rebuild of mastering and control rooms to bring them up to surround and future format standards,” explained Prent, Proper and Paul Reynolds back at the start of the rebuild in 2010, “The recording rooms will be enhanced but we will preserve their essential character; the so much loved and appraised acoustics and vibes. They are sort of sacred to us. And to many other people.”

Wisseloord is slated to reopen later this year.