Miloco Studios introduce new Avid Pro Tools tech to leading studios

London-based studio group, Miloco, have introduced two brand new Avid products to their leading studios, The Bridge and The Engine Room, at their Leroy Street headquarters.

Miloco, which is the UKs largest recording studio group, operates across the country and has studios on mainland Europe as well.

The Bridge, which is their programming/writing studio, has now had Avid’s Pro Tools HDX installed. The HDX system released late in 2011 has all the benefits of Pro Tools 10 and The Bridge is one or the first commercial studios to upgrade.

The HDX system is a massive development upon its predecessor, the Pro Tools HD Accel. Most noteworthy, it delivers 5x more DSP per card, over a thousand dB additional headroom, 4x the track counts and 2x the I/O. Coupled with the improvements brought by Pro Tools 10 the system would appear a welcome contribution.

Certainly, Miloco’s The Bridge studio would be an ideal place to get to grips with the new HDX system. The room is ideal as a writing studio for those artists beginning to create their records. The room itself can hold a string quartet, record live drums and comes furnished with a wide variety of equipment.

As well as a large selection of mic pre-amps (including Focusrite, API, Tube-Tech and SSL), The Bridge has a large microphone collection and a good selection of analogue keyboards. This wide variety of equipment will no doubt benefit from the addition of the Pro Tools HDX kit.

In addition, Miloco’s flagship SSL mixing room, The Engine Room, has been fitted out with new Avid gear. Its Pro Tools converters have all been upgraded to 3x Avid Pro Tools HD I/O interfaces.

These are designed to get the absolute best audio quality along with I/O flexibility. This will supplement the quality produced by The Engine Room’s 8 core Pro Tools HD system which offers 48 inputs and 48 outputs.