New Chinese nightclub receives Adamson installation

Club Enzo, a new nightclub in Nanjing, China, has had a large Adamson sound system installed.

The company’s products were chosen due to their effectiveness and performance, and were put together as a distributed system. The installation features Adamson products exclusively – there are 16 x M212 and 42 x Point 15-P (passive) units hanging above the dance floors and lounge area, with at least two direct sound points on every seat in the building. The low end extension is covered by 32 flown Point 215 subs, with six powerful Adamson T21 subs placed strategically to deliver 6,000 Watts of bass.

The design and installation was independently designed by Real Music Acoustic & Lighting Technology Co. – the exclusive distributor for Adamson Products in China, Hong Kong and Macao. Real Music chose to pair the Adamson speakers with the CAMCO Vortex series of amplifiers and the APEX Intelli-X248 audio processor.

The team’s goal was to ensure they could push the limits – with a max SPL level of 130dB – all the while maintaining a ±3dB uniformity throughout the venue.

“There are 24 DSP channels in three APEX Intelli-X248, with M212s divided into two groups, which take four channels, the 42 Point 15-Ps take 12 channels and Point 215 Sub take the remaining eight channels,” said Real Music’s Wang Zhen.

The project is Real Music’s second permanent installation of Adamson products in a Chinese nightclub, following the recent transformation of the popular TNT Club in Xi’an. The owner of the club chain is also planning to outfit six other venues with similar systems in the near future.

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