New Juventus stadium employs Optocore ring network

Italian audio sales and rental service company, Agorà, has carried out an advanced sound and lighting installation at the new Juventus Stadium in Turin, with an Optocore system at its core.

To facilitate audio network transport and signal distribution, the company developed an Optocore redundant optical fibre ring system to span the new 41,000 capacity arena.

Agorà’s relationship with Optocore dates back to 2002 when the company’s Italian distributors Audiosales srl initially introduced them to the system, which resulted in Agorà renting an Optocore system to Ukrainian football club Shakhtar Donetsk in June this year, to help the club celebrate its 75th birthday. The Optocore solution enabled remote control of all amplifiers used in the club’s Donbass Arena over Ethernet.

A similar system was subsequently proposed as part of the Juventus Stadium construction, on the site of the former Stadio delle Alpi.

The network, comprising 64 analogue inputs and 88 analogue outputs (plus Ethernet), was built around Optocore’s new X6R-FX and X6R-TP digital converters — all connected in one large ring, involving more than 2km of fibre cable. This has provided a solution by minimising the number of devices necessary for the site-wide signal distribution from 64 sources — including different digital processors in the rack rooms serving the various clusters hanging around the stadium roof and speakers placed on the playing field.

Responsible for the system design, speaker positioning, alignment and equalisation was ‘General Cluster’ Daniele Tramontani, who has worked closely with the L’Aquila-based Agorá over a number of years.

To construct his Optocore ring, Tramontani drew on two X6R-FX network converters (configured 8AE/8LI) in the control room, with all 64 analogue inputs distributed via four Meyer Sound Galileo processors. A further 11 x X6R-FX- 8AE/8LO (with eight channel line outputs), along with two X6R-TP-16LI (Line Input) converters were used over Optocore’s proprietary 24 ID SANE Ethernet network to distribute those audio channels to the L-Acoustics amplifiers, sited under the stand roof and on the field of play. All network cards were supplied with Phoenix connectors.

Aditionally, four OptoCon 4/2 expanded beam bulkheads, each equipped with two lenses, have been added to the system, giving an extra level of flexibility and scalability as the system can be interfaced directly via fibre with an OB Truck or mobile Optocore devices.