North Carolina church given Tannoy treatment

The Bethel Baptist Church in North Carolina recently added a new ‘Vision Center’, featuring a multi-purpose fellowship area and stage.

The church leadership asked Tony Parker, co-owner of Parkers Productions, to design and install a sound system for the new area.

Because the room hosts everything from theatrical performances on a large recessed stage to basketball games, the new system needed to be able to accommodate an assortment of live events. In addition, the room has a 28-foot ceiling, metal roof, tile floors, plenty of hard surfaces and no acoustic treatment.

“Bethel Baptist Church has been a customer for seven years,” Parker explained. “When they started construction on the new facility we began planning on how to accommodate their sound needs for the space. We knew there would be serious acoustic challenges to overcome in order to implement the pristine sound they envisioned. We immediately thought of QFlex from Tannoy – the ability to control the sound and focus it in the desired areas was going to be key.”

Parker specified two self-powered QFlex 24 loudspeakers wall mounted to the left and right of the stage approximately 12 feet off the ground. The QFlex 24s – just under five feet tall – blended in with the wall, making their presence nearly invisible. Each unit is loaded with eight four-inch low-frequency drivers, eight three-inch low frequency drivers and eight one-inch high frequency drivers. Under the stage, two powered sub woofers were installed behind a reinforced screen cloth to enhance sound depth.

“The sound quality and control of the new system is amazing,” added Michael Byrd, sound engineer at the church. “Parkers Productions was able to program the output from the Qflex to keep the sound off the walls. Since the install we have had many comments from people complimenting the sound quality.”

Parker also specified Roland’s M-300 digital V-Mixer in conjunction with a 4000-S Digital Snake. As a result, Bethel’s sound team can now quickly and easily set-up a front-of-house position in the centre of the room.

Parker concluded: “The best compliment is when the client tells us that they have never experienced this great of sound in a gymnasium before. That is, after all, what we were trying to accomplish.”

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