NUGEN Audio appoints Dr. Paul Tapper as CEO

NUGEN Audio has appointed Dr. Paul Tapper to the role of Chief Executive Officer.

As CEO, Tapper will leverage the company’s recent growth, and provide the vision and leadership needed to take NUGEN Audio forward into its next stage of development and expansion.

“I am honored to lead NUGEN Audio into the future,” said Tapper. “I look forward to helping the company deliver on our brand promise to consistently deliver exceptional quality and innovative solutions, coupled with practical problem-solving and reliable customer service. This objective has driven our products to become industry standards and will no doubt help us in the years to come.”

Tapper developed many of the original algorithms in use by NUGEN Audio products today, including the loudness metering and correction, DynApt, upmixing and True Peak limiting.

NUGEN Audio was co-founded in 2004 by Dr. Paul Tapper and Jon Schorah. Throughout his career, Tapper has worked as a lead programmer at Runecraft until 2003 and as a lead programmer for Team 17 Digital from 2003-2010.