Picture perfect

The busiest Cinema in Norway, the Kristiansand Kino, has installed a new Dolby Atmos system in its 655-seat Screen 1. The system uses Yamaha Installation Series components, including 29 full-range speakers, 13 subs, and 33 power-amps with ACD amplifier monitoring.
The screen system includes the IF3115/64 full-range speakers, while the surround system uses both IF2112/64 and IF2112/AS types. The system was installed by Nowegian installer Unique Cinema System (UCS).
UCS’ Dan Fulhendorf commented on the need for high-quality, full-range reproduction for Dolby Atmos: “This ensures that the spatial soundscape is very accurate, that the cinema audience hears sounds coming from precisely where they are supposed to be coming from. Any loss of audio quality will compromise that and make the system less effective.”
Brede Michelsen, also of UCS, cited this as the main reason for choosing the Installation Series: “There are currently a limited number of films being delivered with the Atmos format, but the Yamaha system has radically improved the sound quality of every film shown in Screen 1. The best sound engineers in Norway gathered for a private screening of the James Bond film Skyfall in 5.1 and stated that they had never before heard surround sound with that much dynamic bandwidth.”
Dolby Atmos is an object-based audio format for cinema presentation. It currently specifies up to 128 simultaneous audio objects and a core 9.1 channel ‘bed’, which includes two overhead arrays. An Atmos cinema installation can comprise up to 64 individually addressed audio channels.