PLASA: Shure Distribution UK reorganises and launches enhanced education programme

Following the decision from Shure EMEA to create a uniform distribution practice across Europe, Shure Distribution UK (SDUK) has announced an internal reorganisation that sees the creation of three groups tailored to specific categories: retail, pro audio, and systems integration.

"This change is essential to the continued and sustained growth not only of the brands we represent, but the success of our selected partners too,” explains Peter James, SDUK Managing Director.

“Technology is advancing at a tremendous rate, and our products are becoming more complex in their features and capabilities. With an ever-expanding range of application and channel-specific products, it makes perfect sense to align our organisation accordingly, and deliver a similarly advanced support structure.”

The sales function at SDUK is now accordingly structured into three divisions: The Retail division, headed by former SDUK Field Sales Manager Anthony Short, supports all aspects of Music Industry (MI) and consumer electronics (CE) retail. The Pro Audio division manages SDUK’s rental, touring and broadcast-orientated customers and is headed by Tuomo Tolonen, who worked previously as Applications and Product Planning Manager. Finally, Duncan Savage — one of three new faces to join SDUK in the reorganisation — has been appointed to lead the Systems Group, which has been created to serve integrators and contractors working on large-scale installation projects.

SDUK has also announced the launch of the Shure Academy European Audio Network, a new educational and industry networking initiative aimed at all levels of the audio industry, from specialist integrators and contractors to retail sales teams and end users.

The new Academy will incorporate the existing training programmes run by Shure and integrate new workshops and seminars, delivered via a variety of media, including e-learning, webinars and hands-on instruction. In the UK, this brief will extend across the entire Shure Distribution portfolio and include training and certification for brands such as DIS, QSC, Radial and MyMix.

"We have always offered detailed technical training for our brands at the SDUK HQ in Waltham Abbey, and those events, such as Axient accreditation and Q-Sys training, will continue under this new umbrella," explains Peter James, SDUK Managing Director. "But the Academy has a wider brief and will encompass on-line webinars and training programmes, tailored dealer events and networking events for end users. Our aim is to encourage a transfer of technical know-how between our experts, industry professionals, and our customers. Sound engineers, manufacturers, integrators and end users can all be part of the Academy and benefit from it."

Several Academy events are already scheduled for the UK over the coming months, including wireless microphone workshops and Q-Sys training. For more information about the Academy and a list of upcoming events, see: