Powersoft simplifies sound system tuning with Armonia v2.10

Powersoft has announced the release of Armonía Pro Audio Suite v2.10, which comes with a new interactive tuning feature that the manufacturer says not only improves the process of measuring and aligning a sound system, but enables the user to work without noise in the immediate surrounding environment.

v2.10 is now fully integrated with Rational Acoustics Smaart v8, which can read real time, imported or shared location traces (smart, txt, csv, xml). The technology underpins the new interactive tuning plugin, opening up an array of features to the user, such as offline manipulation with EQ, Gain, Polarity, Delay, Sum, Average and Merge, among many others.

“The concept of measuring and tuning a sound system has now been changed with Armonía. Forget about tiring pink noise listening sessions and complex multi-microphone setups. ‘Measure once and tune quietly’ is the key concept,” said Powersoft’s system engineer manager Luigi Chelli.

The new workflow for quiet, offline tuning requires just a single set of starting measurements before the process is completed in virtual simulation.

What else is new?

EAW Greybox software has also been integrated into Armonía. Once loaded as a path in Armonía, the Greyboxes become available on the speaker configuration page complete with a comprehensive range of options to calibrate the sound of the speakers. Options include air-loss compensation and amplifier sizing.

Powersoft has included enhancements to the visualisation of EQ in the latest release as well. Alongside optimised graphics, automatic frequency-reordered filters keep the most-used filters closest to hand.

The latest version of Armonía is also the first upgrade since the launch of Quattrocanali 1204, 2404 and 4804, as well as the Duecanali 1604, and fully supports the control and monitoring of the standard non-DSP versions of these models, giving access to control Gain, Mutes, MaxOutVoltage as well as metering, faults and warnings.

Further additions to the latest Armonía software version include an expanded preset library featuring, among many others, official presets from Bose’s SM Series, DAS’ Aero Series, the custom d&b Max12-15 and custom Nexo GeoT. Firmware for all supported devices will also be included in the installation package. Armonía will prompt the user to update device firmware to benefit from all the latest enhancements.

Finally, Armonía v2.10 supports multiple serial ports at once in the Communication Manager and provides minor fixes on the X Series, DSP4 and other models.

The new release is ready to download from the newly-launched dedicated Armonía website below, which offers users a quick overview of the main features of the software, as well as the latest Armonía tutorial videos. The download process has also been improved and registration is no longer required on the Powersoft website.