Riedel picked for multi-site Passion Conference

Organisers of the 2016 Passion Conference in the US, which saw the coming together of thousands of Christian students and young adults across three sites in Georgia and Texas, relied on Riedel Communications equipment to enable seamless delivery of coordinated sessions, speakers, and worship music.

UK-based logistics and event management company Black and White Live used Riedel’s MediorNet real-time media network, Artist digital matrix intercom system, Trunk Navigator software, and an 800-mile fibre network to support the tightly choreographed event. With this infrastructure, Black and White Live linked TNDV mobile production trucks and supported signal transport and communications across the Philips Arena in downtown Atlanta, Infinite Energy Arena in nearby Gwinnett County, Georgia, and the Toyota Center in Houston.

"Our hope was that during Passion 2016, students would have a seamless experience and forget that they were separated by hundreds of miles, and instead would be linked together with a single heartbeat. For this to happen, the technology had to work flawlessly and fade into the background, which is exactly what happened the first time the Riedel system went live," said Jonathan Sheehan, director of events for Passion Conferences. "Flexible, robust, and reliable delivery of video, audio, and communications was an absolute must. The Riedel solution deployed by Black and White Live met all these requirements, playing a fundamental role in the success of the conference."

Over the course of the three-day event, pastor Louie Giglio, Passion Conferences’ founder, and several bands and worship leaders moved from one location to the next. As they shifted between sites, members of the group needed to interact with one another remotely to ensure they could provide the same experience for every attendee, regardless of the venue. The Passion 2016 team therefore took advantage of the routing capabilities of Riedel’s MediorNet and Artist to link the backstage green rooms so the leaders situated at each venue could coordinate their speeches and make any last-minute adjustments before walking out on stage.

Managed from a single central site, MediorNet Modular units in each place enabled distribution of SDI signals, with embedded MADI audio, between the three locations. Black and White Live used Riedel’s Trunk Navigator system, along with Artist 64 systems deployed across the sites, to establish temporary VoIP trunk lines between each venue and dynamically connect keypanels across all venues. The trunked Artist system allowed for point-to-point communications between the venues, from any one panel to another, which in turn facilitated the detailed and complex communication needed to execute a coordinated event at three venues simultaneously.

"Events such as Passion 2016 demonstrate the unique versatility of our MediorNet and Artist systems in supporting mission-critical signal transport and communications applications," stated Jeremy Lommori, head of technical services, North America, Riedel Communications. "Riedel’s rich offering of proven products makes it possible to address the demands of even the most intricately choreographed live productions."