Sennheiser UK climbs aboard the Saga Sapphire

As part of a refurbishment of the Saga Sapphire cruise liner, Sennheiser UK has its range of distributed audio systems on board.

The new lighting, A/V and audio systems were installed by Luton-based company TEDAV, with installations covering eight of the ship’s entertainment spaces including the main performance venue, the Britannia Lounge.

The main audio system in the Lounge is made up of 18 K-array KK50vb variable beams, two KK50 and two KK100 compact line array cabinets, six KKS50 subs, KA10 and KA10-10 amplifiers.

Also included are a further four Sennheiser SKM 300 G3 series microphones, four sets of EW 300 G3 in-ear monitors and 13 RI 150 LL infra-red receivers with neck loop for those sailing the seven seas with a hearing impairment.

“Probably 98% of all the radio microphones we install or purchase are Sennheiser and nowadays we habitually specify them for clients. One of the key elements of supporting seagoing vessels is that maintenance is almost continuous, due to the environment.” Says TEDAV operations manager Sam Nankivell.

Elsewhere aboard the ship are more K-array KK100s, KKS50 compact line array bass and KN10S-P subs, Sennheiser wired e 845 and e 614 microphones as well as 10 sets of HD201 headphones; DAS Arco12, Artec 26, Artec 28 loudspeakers and PS-800 amplifiers.

Completing the line up is the APart Mask 6T loudspeakers and Swingset amplifier and speakers systems in the rooms where background music is required.

“The sort of small footprint loudspeaker that K-array manufactures, which produces the clout and clarity that we need, whilst blending into the background, was an ideal solution, as it also provides great coverage.” Added Nankivell.