Sponsored content: Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2018

To outline the drive towards technological convergence in the pro AV and IT sectors, Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2018 will return with a renewed approach.

In addition to its comprehensive showcase of pro audio, lighting, event and stage products, the 2018 edition will lean more towards integrated solutions in the areas of audio, lighting, communication, conferencing and KTV.

Complementing its position as a leading platform for the audio visual, professional light and sound industries in China, the four-day show is expected to accommodate 1,300 exhibitors and more than 75,000 visitors in 13 thematic halls and the Y-Channel, spanning over 130,000 sqm from 10-13 May in Area A at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou.

Exhibitors are grouped into different thematic halls, bringing a wider variety of lighting and stage products to industry buyers, including:

· Audio Brand Name Halls – the signature, a showcase for key international audio brands

· Enping Microphone Hall

· KTV Hall

· Lighting Halls

· Pro Audio Halls

· Pro Audio Zone

· Theatre K. Pub Zone

Solutions in communication and conferencing, karaoke and home theatres

The vast possibilities created by the convergence of the AV and IT worlds will be brought to the stage of Prolight + Sound Guangzhou. The latest integrated solutions from China’s most burgeoning markets – communication and conferencing, karaoke and home theatre sectors – will be emphasised in designated areas at Y-Channel and Audio Brand Name Halls.

The fair also brings together a prestigious line-up of participating brands and exhibitors, including Absen, Antelope Audio, APG, Audio-technica, AV Media, Beyerdynamic, Beyma, BIK, BMB, Bosch, Bose, Clay Paky, Celestion, d&b audioteknik, DAS, db technologies, DMT, EM Acoustics, Enne, EZ Pro, FBT, Harman, IAG, Klotz, Kvant, Lavoce, QSC, RCF, SAE, SE Audioteknik, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Stagetec, Taiden, Takstar, TW Audio, Tymphany, Yamaha and more.

Strategic cooperation presents new frontiers for the pro audio, lighting and entertainment sectors

To promote cross-industry collaboration between the pro audio, lighting and entertainment sectors, the “Guangzhou International Radio, Film & Television Exhibition and 4K Television Technology Exhibition” ​will be held concurrently in Area B.

This inaugural event will unveil advanced HDTV equipment and technologies for 4K, 8K and HDR. The synergy created by both shows will generate strong impetus for the entire 4K technology supply chain, hence benefiting film and television companies, transmission solution providers, equipment manufacturers, image signal processors and integrators by expanding our product range and reaching a broader spectrum of customers, broadening sourcing options and exposing attendees to new dimensions in the entertainment industry

Signature Programme: PLSG Annual Training Course

While the number of major music festivals is growing rapidly in China, the desire for the Chinese entertainment industry to further uplift its event planning skill and technical standards continues to grow.

As such, the PLSG Annual Training Course, comprising A Blueprint to Success in Music Festival Production and Dante Certification Training @ Guangzhou, serves to address the various needs of enthusiastic amateurs to professionals, hoping to sharpen their production knowledge from industry masters around the globe.