Sunflower takes on Powersoft Croatian distribution

Powersoft has teamed up with Croatian distribution company, Sunflower d.o.o., appointing them as its new distributor for the territory.

The Italian manufacturer struck a deal with the Rijeka-based company through its regional account manager (EMEA) Stefano Previtali, enabling the brand to join the likes of d&b audiotechnik, XTA and Digico in its top-tier distribution portfolio.

According to Sunflower’s Tomislav ‘Kuki’ Koran the new alliance will do much to raise the profile of both companies, as previously Sunflower had only represented a small and virtually unknown OEM Chinese amplifier manufacturer. “Powersoft will certainly be used for high performance applications,” he said.

Although Sunflower d.o.o. was set up back in 1996, it was only after 2010 that the country’s infrastructure had professionalised itself sufficiently to support brands the size of Powersoft.

“When we first started listening to Powersoft products it was the Digam 5000. But nowadays, with the advances in technology, there has been a major evolution in the platform and a real difference with the products. Also the people at Powersoft are dedicated, friendly and extremely innovative,” Kuki added.

Sunflower already contemplates huge success for the new X series with rental companies, with K series being targeted more at nightclubs, while generic installation companies – including their own sister operation, P.Audio – can look forward to the Ottocanali eight-channel amplifiers.

Having announced their representation of the new brand, and undertaken technical induction in Italy, Sunflower has wasted no time in setting up a seminar of its own at the company showroom. “After that we will visit all the principal rental companies and demonstrate the advantages of these amps. As for installations we will use Powersoft for all large scale projects in the future,” Kiki concluded.

“It is a pleasure to be working not only with top-grade products but nice and knowledgeable people. I am sure that given the quality of these products the majority of our customers will realise that price is not the first thing they should be thinking about.”