Tannoy Solutions help renovate The Torrance

The Torrance Hotel, Scotland, has enlisted the help of Tannoy Solutions during major renovations spearheaded by business owner Steve Graham. Graham has created a stylish and popular destination that has revitalised the surrounding area of East Kilbride, and now with an audio system from Tannoy.

During the renovation, Graham called in independent audio consultant Bryce Keachie of Keachie Electronics to specify and install a system that was both consistent and appropriate for all of the different areas, from discreet speakers in the sleek main dining area to something more powerful in the bar and conservatory.

“I have worked with Tannoy loudspeakers a lot in the past, so I knew that whatever solution I chose would be reliable and have that hallmark of quality,” said Keachie. “Apart from that, the client was very happy to be using loudspeakers from a renowned manufacturer situated in Scotland, as Tannoy is.”

Because of the architecture and the standard of the restoration, Keachie had to opt for a mixture of in ceiling and wall mounted speakers for the areas where light background music would be required. In this case, it meant a mix of Tannoy’s leading commercial install product ranges, DVS and CVS.

Thanks to the point-source driver design, DVS Series can be mounted vertically or horizontally without compromising the dispersion and coverage control, offering complete versatility where positioning is concerned, all of which gave Keachie more options when placing the units. For places where an in ceiling solution was required, he chose Tannoy’s best-selling dedicated in-ceiling range, CVS Series, which proved an ideal choice as they were aesthetically pleasing and also offered superior sonic ability within the space.

For the Sports Bar and Conservatory restaurant, where a little more volume and power was required to cope with a variety of different events that the Torrance holds, Keachie went for Tannoy’s new VXP Series. The new self-powered loudspeakers build on the overwhelming success of the existing V Series range, but mark the first time that Tannoy and sister company Lab.gruppen have worked together on a product line.

Keachie concluded : “The V Series range was very popular among installers and their clients, and I’m glad to say that Tannoy have once again delivered the goods with their new VX and VXP Series. The owners of the Torrance and delighted with both the look and power of their new system, and the quality of the sound is in keeping with the high standard of the surroundings.”