VUE Audiotechnik forms new European division

VUE Audiotechnik has appointed Holger de Buhr as managing director for its new VUE Audiotechnik Europa (VUE Europe) operation.

Based in Berlin, VUE Europe is a service and support organisation for the brand, providing distributors, dealers and customers across the continent with a wide range of regional resources, including technical support and service personnel, application engineering, demo facility and showroom.

VUE Europe will also handle direct distribution for VUE Audiotechnik in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

"Europe is an extremely important market for VUE," said the company’s CEO Ken Berger. "Even though our focus to date has been primarily on North America, VUE has enjoyed some pretty significant momentum in Europe, thanks in part to a growing network of extremely dedicated distributors.

"We’ve now reached a tipping point in the US where VUE is perceived as a major player, and our products are being specified into notable projects across the country. We’re ready to bring the same focus to Europe, and we know from experience that building a truly exceptional service and support organisation in the region is critical for the long term success of VUE and our European customers."

Holger de Buhr has spent almost 30 years in the audio industry. Previously CEO of VUE’s German distributor Media Logic, de Buhr has also held strategic leadership positions at Just Music Group and Audio Sonic.

"Despite being quite young, VUE has made a significant impact in Europe, with early installations fueling a growing reputation for exceptional sound and build quality," de Buhr stated. "In all my years these are the first PA speakers that can easily keep pace sonically with studio monitors. I’m tremendously excited to help the European market learn more about VUE, and to establish a world class support network to serve the region."

VUE Europe begins operations immediately. The manufacturer’s EVP, Jim Sides, will work directly with de Buhr throughout the start-up phase. Their initial focus will be on expanding support services and technical personnel, increasing regional inventories and fulfillment capabilities, and growing the distribution network all over the region.

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